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My children were/are very well care for financially thanks to me. All grown up now with very good father/child relationships. 50/50 when kids. And I paid for all the braces.

Once her future was set due to minimum of $150+K/year from me (she never faced poverty or the street) and the paid off house, she continued to try for everything else, regardless that it would ruin me. Too entitled to see that if I was ruined, there would be no money for anyone in our fractured family.

And yes, it was her fault to chose to try and take everything (which was actual possible in my case). She didn't earn any of it, but she felt entitled to it all.

Because she could and that was simply not fair. Thankfully she failed, and had/has to somehow limp thru life with the above minimum. I don't know how she does it.......oh, actually I do, she lives off of me, regardless of divorce.

So when you make blanket statements about the "good of the child/ren", step-up as a man, take responsibility, etc, be aware that not all women take on their share.....and these are the women that make payer's (men mostly) so bloody angry. In some cases, it becomes a very one way street. That may not reflect your story, but it is a reality for many men. And yes, there are "real deadbeat" dads out there as well.

Enough said for me on this subject. It is my viewpoint, which I'm entitled to, as you are to yours.
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