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Default what a good lawyer looks like

I've had very female biased female lawyers before and have a reasonable impartial and settlement orientated male lawyer now who is just great.

based on my experience a good lawyer is one who

treats you with respect and listens to what you habe to say and hears you out. doesn't cut you short and insult you

doesn't take your ex's side unless you're being completely unreasonable. and at that time explains to you in a professional matter and explains you your options

takes phone calls/emails personally and if not then returns them promptly and will justify why they couldn't get to you earlier if they delay

doesn't waste your time and money on non-sense

is a good friend to you and walks with you in/out court when possible.. sits beside you when possible and gets a room for you guys to freely discuss things..doesnt treat you like just another number..takes personal approach to your case

will tell you everything you should know and doesn't do things in favour of courts.. is ready and willing to take biased judges off the matter and put case before different judge

trusts you

looks for ways to settle at all times and goes above and beyond to get other side to settle

defends you and your rights like a bull dog. doesn't take shit from other side and calls them out on their shit on the spot
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