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Default Responses are appreciated

Thanks for all the responses.

Yes, we are trying to keep out of the courts so it is in my best interest as well to be accommodating too!

It seems the priority for me right now is:

1. Get a temporary separation agreement in place - this may not address longer term issues like living arrangements for the kids and applicable CS, however, our verbal arrangement right now is that I would be the primary parent (one essentially FT with me, the older at her place 'occasionally'), so there will be little in the way of CS calculations.

2. Finish tidying up the house and get in on sale asap (although the market is not good!).

3. Try to arrange to pay her at least a couple of hundred a month now -as that is what she keeps coming back to in arguments. I will divert my pay into the separate account, then just move money across to the shared account as appropriate to protect myself as well.

Yes, I do feel we have done a good job till now of trying to progress in an orderly fashion through this - social separation and determining that reconciliation is not an option, working with he boys and our new partners in 'getting 'comfortable and now actually getting on with the house sale etc.

I know it will still be emotional, so if I am less inflammatory I feel there is less risk of something going crazy at the last minute?