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Originally Posted by YoungDad23 View Post
I was told by a paralegal that dropping family court documents at the person's feet counted as service while I spent months trying to locate and have a family member serve my ex with my application for custody. (She eventually accepted service from my dad but it took 3 months).
Reading "paralegal" makes me believe you were talking to a small claims court representative. Paralegal's are prohibited in family law. Now, if could mean you meant law clerk who works for a lawyer who practices family law.

When our case management judge recognized my ex was playing games and had intentionally avoided service in the past, I was given permission for special service for subsequent documents.

I was instructed to make two attempts at her address on the day of the service deadline (at least one hour apart) and if she didn't open the door, I was then to leave it on her doorstep and consider her served.
I think the biggest part of the above is that the court granted leave for special service. Because before that, you wouldn't have been entitled to serve in such manner.
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