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Default Are fathers automatically seen as abusers or sexual predators?

My grown up daughters didn't talk to me for the past few years, and I went to a family therapist. With no info on the situation whatsoever, he insisted from start to see me first, then the girls, and keep everything we discuss confidential from each other. Which doesn't make sense to me, as long as I was hopping for the opposite: to find as much as possible about the reasons why we had this huge communication problem. I told him I have nothing to hide from my girls.

The only reason I can see here - which is also very offending to me, not just as victim, but as the idiot who pays the bills - is the suspicion of a sexual or physical violence abuser. Are there really so many fathers who abuse their daughters, to start your counselling sessions with this horrific approach?

If it's not this, than what? My therapist was not able to say anything when I asked him how could we measure the progress in this therapy after let's say three paid sessions.
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