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I have a slightly different view. 150 km isn't that much (less than 1.5 hour travel time, depending on travel conditions). Where I live, people often commute that far once a week for work. There's no reason moving 150 km means the kids can't see their father any more. If dad has EOW, I don't think it's unreasonable for him to make the drive twice a month, even if mom doesn't have car. The weekday overnights are trickier, but he might be able to negotiate more holiday time in exchange. There may well be advantages for the kids in living in a smaller, less expensive community.

In short, I don't think dad can stop mom from moving but I don't see why this move would mean he loses access to the kids. It may be inconvenient for him, but that's life.

If the OP is the "other woman", it would be wise for her to stay out of this and let dad and mom work it out on their own.
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