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Hey representingmyself,

Thank you for your reply. Is the "Change of Motion" something you submit to the court, that does not affect any standing agreements? Is this a way to "alert" Family Services of the monetary redirection? I tried speaking with Family Services about this but they were of no help at all! I am pissed to think that she could be "living it up", not paying a cent, taking in my payments and having her parents raise our child!!! What kind of a backwards ass government to we have running our country? On the phone Family Services didn't care about these details, what's up with that, am I the only that thinks this is wrong?

Has anyone ever had to "fight" in order to end a child support agreement with Family Services? I am already fearing that my ex will try to drag this "perfect arrangement" on for as long as possible, even beyond my son's 18th birthday. Any advise?