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Per our settlement we're hyphenating our daughter's last name to be "Ex-Mine"...but her school has always called her "D3 My-last-name" not "D3 Ex's-last-name"...she thinks her name is "D3 My-last-name"...I tell her it's Ex-Mine, but she forgets 1/2 the time. She'll get it.

My ex called raging because D3 refers to herself by my last name. I just told him the legal last name is going to be Ex-Mine. We should both just gently correct her. And then I let it go.

I'm sure he's getting ready to blast me with our PC. But meh.

Edit- also- I used to get ragey about something similar. So I do understand:

For the longest time- my ex's sister basically took care of our daughter during his time with her- because she was the supervisor. She has 3 young kids and they would call her Mama. So our daughter started calling her Mama too. It was weird. And also inappropriate in my opinion- because she was more than 2.5yrs old and still doing it. It made my blood boil to hear her call someone else Mama. Esp. since when she would call my father 'Dad'- because she heard me do it; I would correct her and tell her to call him Grandpa. ANYWAYS. I had to let it go- because obviously she knew who her Mama was. And as weird and creepy and inappropriate it was for her to call my ex's gross sister-wife "mama"- if I had made a big deal of it, it would've just been feeding into the conflict for nothing.

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