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Well. I'm fighting with my employer to let me work, they're saying bases on the medical report doctors have said I can't do the job.
So I've been asking to work from home or something. I want to work don't get me wrong.
Medically I can't sit in a car for more than 10 minutes, I'm not supposed sit in a car. I have a spinal injury, if I were to drive for even 20 minutes. My foot goes numb.
So I'm adhering to whatever she's saying.
ow kicked in less than a month ago. So I was paying from my savings which are gone and now by borrowing from friends and family.

I did give an offer even with minimal access time. I said even to give her sole custody . I want to be involved in my sons life but what I read from others online I've given up hope. My lawyer said there's no reason for me to give sole custody since there isn't any police reports, psychological issues etc. so she's rejected that. she basically
Wants sole custody.
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