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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
When I kicked my ex out of the house and changed the security codes I made sure that I removed all of his personal property and put it in a location that he could easily retrieve (there was alot of stuff).

Shortly thereafter (within a few weeks) I received a call from the police department. My ex had filed a report that I was denying him his personal property. I was astounded. Turned out that my ex's g/f had personal property in one of the trucks (we owned a trucking company) in one of the big rigs. Police made ex make a detailed list of the alleged property and I had to make sure that he received it. The "property" what my ex determined to be "sentimental" tools as well as children's articles (he had a young girlfriend LOL). It was insane really. However I had to comply. The children's toys and the old tools from a toolbox in a particular semi were made available to him. My 60 year old ex got his stuff and it cost me probably in the range of 2k for me to make these arrangements through my lawyer (I was a newby to divorce).

Give her the shit and don't look back - advice from an old warrior.
Thank you its very informative. That is what she is actually doing. Just saying "hey can i come tomorrow and pick up the stuff".
All I did was say its such a short notice, i can bring it on a weekday. She replies that I'm denying her and she will contact her lawyer etc.

Should I take pictures and document it ? That these are the items I'm giving.
She visited me last year when I was in the US and left her suitcase because she was on standby and the flight she got there was no luggage space. She just simply left her luggage in the US and i don't want her to claim those things because I don't have them. all she owned is women's generic clothing, burqas etc
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