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Mess, I think you worded the intent quite well, I remember some time ago we discussed this issue with the as you state, "a matter of course the MH which was upgraded with each new move thus increasing the value of the MH at seperation to whatever its value at seperation just the address changed". But what if one of those moves was to downgrade the size and value so as to pull out the equity before seperation that was not used to purchase the next MH.

OraleansLawyer and if I understand Tayken are concluding at least back to the date of marriage what the posted rulings are stating - that when the MH is soldthe house at that point ceases to be a MH and and that goes to the proceeds - Once any of the proceeds are then used to purchase a home that ultimately is deemed a MH at the date of seperation then MH rules apply - but there is no mention to the left over cash that was not flipped into the next MH......

This I have continued to search for some definative support that would allow or show a ruling on what is now the leftover cash? It doesn't meet the definition of a MH and is not to the original OP circumstance perhaps this issue here should now be in a different thread??

My lawyer has swayed on this issue but it comes down to what we can prove, case law and how much wieght "to the probablity of the truth by the evidence presented. OrleansLawyer has brought up some case law that, was very interesting at least to what I was able to comprehend.