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Sean said:

"Sasha, it is parenting - even if it's for 48 hours every second weekend. When a person has been living with their kids all their kids lives, it's pretty hard to come to terms with a reduction in parenting time. "

Ok, I admit my commentary was likely based on my personal situation moreso than an 'in general' approach; I do know there are many NCP's who really have got a lot of love for their kids and miss them. I just resent like hell those NCP's who've never really been around and yet seem to think they "deserve" the same rights as really dedicated NCP's. And when all NCP's are lumped together in articles, as though they all are equal... I really cannot stomach that crap. MANY NCP's deserve ALL the opportunities they seek; but there are SO many that don't, and it's not right that those losers receive the benefit of the same consideration as the parents who actually give a damn. Am I bitter? Yep; sue me. Real parents deserve real treatment; the rest? To hell with them, IMO.

Sean wrote:

"Rather than discuss how a parent's writing skills might be better put to use or detailing the way in which the children feel maybe it would be better to figure out how to promote cooperation between the parents."

As to this comment, though; although I'm all for cooperation between the parents, a good parent NEVER leaves out how a child feels, period.