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Well, my husband sent her an email stating the facts as he understands them.... that he will have the agreed-upon access to his son, that she will provide the travel consent, that he will pay his proportionate share of daycare fees as per the court order subject to a new court order to the contrary, and that she intends to file a motion to change the daycare provision. At the bottom of the list of facts, he wrote that he confirms those facts, and asked that she provide written confirmation as well.

She responded: "I will not repeat my stance on this issue further. I am certain I have provided clear communication with respect to this matter."

We are going to assume that her indication of "noted" to my husband's email that he intends to exercise his agreed-upon access, expects to receive the signed consent to travel with documents, and will pay his proportionate share of the daycare subject to a court order to the contrary (should she take the matter to court and obtain a ruling on a new daycare provision)... means that she agrees with those facts.