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Originally Posted by #1StepMom View Post
She wrote back: "Noted. Please note that I stand firmly on my position - I do not agree to incurring any additional daycare expenses due to your vacation."
Does the daycare charge for that time period regardless of whether the child is there or not? I know many do this, but mine offer the parents 2 weeks each year where they won't have to pay if their kids are not there (to be used for vacations).

The other point: IF she would have to pay regardless of whether he is there or not, then there wouldn't be any additional expenses for her to incurr. Either they charge for him when he is not there, or they don't. Regardless, there is no way she would incur additional expenses. it's not like there is an extra fee tacked on when he is absent!

Do you guys have a copy of the contract with the daycare? You can ask them to fax you a copy of the terms if you don't know if they will actually require payment while he is not there.

Agree that she will not have to incur any additional expenses (as there won't be any) and see if that satisfies her.