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Originally Posted by scared1 View Post
A parent cannot refuse access for not paying support. The consent thing under new rules especially in the US now, could get you in serious legal trouble. US law now requires a passport to enter and both parents have to approve that. She can prevent you from taking her to the US but not access.
Our court order stipulates that she cannot refuse us travel with the child during our court-ordered time, just like we cannot refuse her travel plans during her custody time. It also stipulates that my husband is awarded 8 days of vacation time during the Christmas holidays.

She isn't refusing access for not paying support... she is refusing access for not paying her chosen amount in special and extraordinary expenses, despite my husband paying special and extraordinary expenses as per the court order. She is trying to force him to pay MORE than he is legally obligated to, and is using access as collateral. "If you don't pay or do what I want, you can't see your son."

How sickening is that?