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I prefer the idea of a 3 year average, I notice you stated you didn't agree with that but you didn't say why.

Looking at 2 examples. First, someone with a steady job, but due to this year's economy loses overtime and gets a 4 day week, but next year should be back to normal. So with the averaging, there would be a reduction but not a drastic one. This gives some stability to the receiver, the payer gets a break which is extended over 3 years and adds up to a fair reduction over all. Under the current system the payer wouldn't get a break until the following year anyway, so never get's the break when it's actually needed.

Second example, self-employed with income up and down from year to year depending on business, competition, costs, etc. It's more fair to the receiver to know what to expect each year. It's more fair to the payor to be able to plan, and it will even out over the years so there is no loss. The payor's rent or mortgage costs stay the same each year, so do the support costs, this is a normal fact of life when (like me) one is self-employed and income varies year to year. You have to budget, put money aside in good years, etc.