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This year's support payments are based on last year's income tax return. Next year's support payments will be based on this year's income tax return, etc etc.

If he has lost some income due to cutbacks at work, he should get a break for it next year.

The problem with the system, of course, is that he has less money now, his support payments are higher. Next year he has more money and his payments will be less.

The parent receiving support will complain next year that she is receiving less while he is earning more. There will no doubt be no end to the bickering.

If his income is really randomly up and down, it is really fair to both parties to use a 3 year average so they both know how much support to expect and budget for it. Sometimes that will work to one party's favour, sometimes the other.

If he had one bad year, and is trying to base everything off of that, it's not fair.