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Default The games people play

If your relationship? ends your options become shared custody, which is shared in all respects, sole custody which makes one parent the custodial parent, the other non-custodial with visitation rights etc. In this scenario, depending upon the non-custodial parent's income, there might be a court ordered child support obligation. The children's ages also come into play in the decision making process - if they are older, then the courts allow them to live with the parent of their choice. Also, if you and your partner end your relationship?, their may be spousal support that would have to be paid by the one with the higher income, especially if it was significantly higher. Furthermore there would be a divison of shared/accumulated assets and debts.

As you can see, the end result is money for the lawyers who benefit the most from your misery, major stress for the participants and, overall, a bad scene for all those involved where the psychological and emotional consequences last a lifetime.