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Im in a common law relationship
Are you still together?

he said to me in a couple times he would apply to get the custody of the kids because i usually don't let them go to his mother house, can he do that?
The judge is gonna laugh at him because he already has custody of children if you are still living together. If anyone can go to court for access is his mother (whose rights are being trampled over by you).

What is your reason for not allowing the visits? Is his mother dangerous or unsafe for kids in any manner? Or, are you doing it simply because you don't like your mother in law? I don't think he even needs your permission to take his kids to his mother. I am thinking you make a big scene each time he takes them there and he in return is threatening you to take it to the court.

I suggest you leave the kids and their grand mother alone and deal with your personal resentment towards your mother in law in a more grown up manner.