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Janus comes from a place of experience. You don’t have to like what he says but you do need to take it seriously. He knows what he is talking about even if its harsh.

Your ex won a pretty big victory by driving you away. Defending your reasons why is moot so move on and think tactically going forward.

Getting her into the workforce is by having a set date that is short to get her to self sufficiency. More than likely you will be paying spousal. Get her off it sooner rather than later.

Push for 50/50. Start looking at houses in areas near the school. Get your documentation in order. All the things you need to show you are an equal parent.

The judge won’t care about conjecture or what may have happened in the house. Think tactile facts. How many days of school have they missed since you left. How many behavioural issues have the teachers noted and documented etc. You need hard proof.

As for OCL, they take months and your ex can delay. Mom2Two had ocl ordered and her ex claimed a conflict and then refused to communicate with the new one. It has taken her over a year to get to the next conference. Imagine this is you and you have not had a set court ordered schedule for one year. That means status quo.

Even if she agrees to a schedule now doesn’t mean she has to follow through. If she is playing these games now it won’t stop. Offer the schedule and see what happens but go into court with a thought of “I want my kids”.
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