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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
She can lie to OCL too. Remember that.

If shes a stay at home mom you need to deal with that angle too. Get her in the workforce immediately. The parenting schedule will work out perfectly that way.
Yes, she certainly can, and if interactions with other professionals is an indicator, she will. However, my interaction to date with CAS has been relatively positive and supportive, and they in fact suggested the OCL as well. I have read several horror stories about them too...that's why I was looking for feedback here.

Regarding her working, I am unclear how I can "get her in the workforce"...I know that a minimum wage can be imputed for alimony calculations.

My lawyer is trying one last time to propose an interim access schedule on consent for a couple nights a week, including joint therapy, and 6 hours on Saturdays on a without prejudice basis. I will keep the notion of rapid progressive increases a priority, Janus. There are a lot of circumstances I have not included regarding my spouses parenting practices that have been noted by various parties. In short, everything is not "fine", even by your definition.
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