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Janus is pointing out some reasonable questions you may get asked. As difficult as some people are to live with, leaving the home ends up being a big mistake especially when it comes to seeing the kids.

Let this be a lesson to anyone reading this threadónever accept your soon to be ex will work with you. Always always always expect they will turn on you the moment the door closes.

If you have her agreement on the kids in writing it will work in your favour. All she has are allegations. Most judges wonít even consider them unless they are backed up with a police report. I agree with Janus that OCL is worse rather than better. You really donít need them to set a parenting schedule. Plus if they say dad is the best and the kids should be with him, your ex can fight it tooth and nail. Right now you need to focus on getting a shared custody schedule to set a new status quo. Your argument is you believed she was working in good faith and when you realized she wasnít you were forced to wait for a court date.
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