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It is said that the best revenge is to be successful. For many of us collecting SS we want that success but, due to our divorce circumstances, we need financial wherewithal to achieve that success.

I never could understand why there is such a big deal about SS. The sooner one's ex is back up on their feet then the sooner the payor can be released from paying.

If I were a payor I would do everything I could do to get my ex in a financially self-sufficient position. To not do this, when one is clearly able to, indicates a desire on the payor's part to be controlling and stay attached to the payee.

I believe that the process of determining and awarding SS is incomplete. Perhaps a total $ number of all SS entitlement should be determined at the outset and the payor given a set number of years to pay this amount. An incentive to pay this amount off early might encourage more 'lump sum' SS settlements. Just a thought.
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