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Originally Posted by AlienatedDad View Post
Thanks for your reply caranna. I am just worried about cost. I am tired of being bleed to death by the whole "misery industry." How much will it take to bring a new lawyer up to speed? My case is two years old and there are a ton of documents? How much will my current lawyer charge to give me these documents? She hasn't always sent me the most recent versions of letters, etc.

If you know any good lawyers who can handle high conflict situations, have experience with custody evaluations, and have been to trial, please PM me.

Many thanks again.
I don't know where you live, but if it's in the GTA, I wouldn't be of any help in that regard. As I mentioned, a friend gave me the name of her lawyer whom I contacted. I was amazed at how helpful she first she mentioned a couple of names from her firm, but when I made her aware that I was looking for an ASSERTIVE lawyer, she quickly gave me a few names of lawyers from other partnerships!

I also brought out the old-fashioned phone book and asked around for names of assertive lawyers. Many clerks and receptionist were only too happy to help me. Once you start interviewing other lawyers, they will hopefully address your financial concerns. I think it was previously mentioned (in another members' thread a few months ago) that it shouldn't cost you to get your file from your present lawyer.

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