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Thanks for the advice arabian. I really don't want to get into the habit of calling her everyday . . . it's my dime after all. I am just frustrated that we had months to prepare for the settlement conference and my lawyer waits until the last week to do this, and then misses the filing deadline. To her credit, we were served with a huge settlement conference brief and then had only a day to file. Of course, the other side may have done this on purpose, knowing it would be impossible to respond in such a short period of time.
They won't grant a filing extension, rather it seems that they want to adjourn. Still don't know what the implications of this are. My lawyer says if we adjourn we may miss a December deadline at which point the case will be dismissed. Don't know the implications of this either.
Why does this have to be so complicated? I wanted to sit down in mediation with the lawyers and talk about all the issues like adults. Why does the lowest-common denominator get her way in these cases? It's simply to me: put the kids interests first and divide the assets 50-50. It's really that simple.