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Yes sending faxes can help (instead of emails). Lots and lots of faxes requesting call backs or just your thoughts on your case. Become friends with the receptionist and say you are going to be calling every day at 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM.

Once this lawyer does give you the time of day make an appointment and go see her. Tell her in a frank and honest manner, that you are losing confidence in her ability to represent you and ask if someone else in the firm could take over your file. I would also tell her that you are not paying for the appointment as it was a performance evaluation of the legal services you are receiving, a review and reassessment.

I wouldn't be impressed if my lawyer missed a filing deadline.

Young lawyers today actually do most of their own paperwork to reduce overhead (because lawyers have to pay for their own assistants). No excuse. Lawyers have templates and know how to cut and paste.

Yes I'd be the squeaky wheel and start lawyer shopping.