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Originally Posted by FaithandMorals View Post
Any professional that is worth their salt will be busy. Want a great plumber? Guess what? They are busy. You have to juggle the fact that your lawyer is probably busy because they are good. Few lawyers write the paperwork themselves. They have law clerks or assistants.

As for Canlii, I too thought the same at one time. 97% of cases never make it to trial. And, a good family law lawyer is NOT the pitbull you see on TV dramas. A good family law lawyer is firm but fair and is always negotiating to achieve your desired result WITHOUT going to trial. Trials should be looked at like a nasty medical procedure; expensive, risky and not something to wish on your worst enemy. I have come to know a couple great family law lawyers that have been practicing for decades that have few or no listings on Canlii. Not all trials get listed.
I agree with you about the busy part, but when this starts to have an impact on quality, this is a problem. As this appears to be what is happening in my case, as she has missed a filing deadline and asked for an extension (which she says is common and I have no reason not to believe her). I just don't expect to pay any extra expenses as a result of her tardiness.

My lawyer said we are likely going to trial (not because of us, but because of the other side) yet she appears to never have been. This does concern me.

Again, I really like her, but I think she may have too much on her plate and not be giving my case the proper thought and attention that is necessary. I have done my best to be a low-maintainence client, but perhaps I should start demanding more attention . . . the squeeky wheel gets the grease.