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Originally Posted by arabian View Post
I can recall a time where I felt lousy because ex had a HUGE affidavit and had inundated my lawyers with letters. His filing was large. Our was small.

Judges appreciate it if you stick to things that are relevant. Most of our documents are very brief. When we respond to his affidavits it is usually in point form with simple responses (eg. 1. - irrelevant, 2. - irrelevant) and so on.

We never had a big splashy submission and we won every time.

While your case is huge and complicated to you, it is not to your lawyer. Let your ex blather on and on and hang herself.

Your lawyer probably doesn't want to call you and bill you for basically what comes down to calming you down.
Thanks for the advice. I'm a little calmer now. My lawyer said, and I agree, that my ex is living in the past. The judge doesn't care about all the shitty things we did to each other, as long as they are no longer relevant. I am hoping that the judge will read her rants, since they do read like they come from a bitter woman living in the past. My understanding is the whole point of the SC is to move things forward.

My favourite part in her brief . . . she wants me to pay the high end of the spousal support so she can pay her lawyer. I am not about to write this blank cheque . . . she runs to her lawyer about every little thing, copies him on all my e-mails, etc. I want my (our) money to go to the kids, not the lawyers. Of course, when you objective is to screw somebody and do so publicly, money is no object (especially if she thinks I'll be footing the bill for this public slandering).

Anyway, I am trying to give her enough rope to hang herself with. If we would have gone to mediation like I wanted, we would have been done by now (and we would both have more $).