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Thank you for your response and I will try to clarify a few points.

No, my net worth is not 50K. At the time of divorce my net worth was approximately 40K after all was settled and I was awarded $2000 per month in an agreement made and it was made official in our divorce finalization. This number was a number agreed on in a meeting in my lawyer's office with my ex and his lawyer. According to the schedule that my lawyer showed me, he was responsible to pay almost $4000 per month according to his income but I felt that was unfair and settled on half of that. It was what I needed to meet my monthly obligations and get back on my feet. I will also say that a good part of that 40K net worth was tied up in RRSP's and I am not able to withdraw.

At this point, over the last three years.....I have had two major surgeries and have made a move to a smaller town to try to lower my living expenses. I am currently trying to upgrade my education so that I can become self sufficient and have enough earning power to support myself.

My ex on the other hand has been able to increase his net worth to 500K plus in the last three years as he has had the income to purchase two revenue properties and boost his RRSP contributions by almost 30K. As well, he has purchased a new home to live in.

I have not been able to do this due to restrictions on job skills, as I don't have many and am trying to improve my situation in that area. My ex has now purchased a cash business where he is self employed and his income cannot be traced. He has basically gone into semi-retirement and he is applying for jobs he is not qualified for in hopes of not getting another job.

In the recent court application, we were told we had to include all combined household income which only covers half of our monthly expenses. My SO works as a labourer and he pays half of the monthly expenses with very little left over. I am relying on SS at this point to finish my schooling and become self sufficient. I have been searching for a job in our town and so far have come up with a job that offers 12 hours per week at 7.00 per hour. I'm running out of choices.