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If you didn't have the Ex to pick up your slack when you didn't feel like dealing with the kids' shenanigans, if he were deceased, would you be tossing your 15 year old into the street or would you actually do something to get some help with the issues you're having?[/QUOTE]

Absolutly not - my hands would not be tied and my son would be getting the help he needs.

My x dosent believe in asking for any type of outside help..............its all crap to him. So when I suggest he see someone about excessive smoking(weed), and drinking Im told there is nothing wrong................When I try to get help for him and direction for me,from YSB, I hit the NCP wall and ppl back down requesting the CP to be involved............bam another wall. SO are you telling me to continue banging into that wall until someone finally listens to me?????? Cause it sure as hell wont be my X