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Default Question Regarding Assets in CommonLaw situation

Left in Sept, 2005 with 18mo child. commonlaw Spouse has documented medical problems currently recieving ODSP Mental Health. During the 8 years together his work history was minimal.

Can commonlaw spouse has access to my RRSP contribuations/Employer Pension Plan?

Commonlaw spouse is requesting I return his money and car. Car is registered in my name. Money I'm not sure (~15,000)

I have the child with me 100% of the time, when I work she is with her paternal grandma, Father is claiming that he goes there everyday and see's her and informed the courts that the it is shared parenting. He does not go there.

CAS was involved in our lives and continued until I found alternate living arrangments. I also have documention of 911 calls due to mental health issues. However I'm relying on the court to get access to his medical charts/criminal records/Full disclosure from CAS.

Input Appreciated.