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Originally Posted by momof2teenboys View Post

I don't know if the WHO recognizing the impact this has on children's mental health would have any impact on our family court system today. ...
I think it takes some time- and a lot of case law...but widely held world views on health do tend to make it to the courts eventually (except, apparently, for vaccines- but that case is just WTF!?!??). In the case of domestic violence and its impact on children- the studies are making it into some case law these days. Unfortunately- not enough- but it's getting there.

Again though- I think there needs to be a move away from the principle of 'maximum contact' as being the primary principle- and a look towards the best interest of the kids. I think in many cases of parental alienation- the risk to the child is great enough that it probably should warrant reduction in the parenting time for the offending parent. Like you said- it's a lot harder to fix it once it's started.
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