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e28makaveli has a little shameless behaviour in the past

Originally Posted by SadAndTired View Post

I totally agree when Rioe said "You can't blame your ex for you having to cancel or delay a corporate meeting. Blame yourself for treating the situation as though she has to bow to your work schedule."

As you pointed out, it was YOUR weekend. You knew it was YOUR weekend on Jan 30. You had tons of time to make backup plans for child care and transportation on Sunday and Monday. This was YOUR responsibility to take care of. Not your ex's. I don't blame her for not responding.

And yes, you made yourself look like a Dad who cannot even simply arrange child care when he is only responsible for children from a Friday to Monday. Lame.
Haha, and what do you say for her withdrawing the kids from school yesterday? Do you realize that making transportation arrangements requires the other person to commit to the children being somewhere? Without knowing what our current model of transportation and child exchange is, how do make such decisions? Hmmmm...
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