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CTV's W5 might be another outlet to try.

You said you still want to hear from others, so here's my story. My brother's actually.

When his son reached the age of 18, FRO continued to take his money. The employer is required to send the money until notified otherwise by FRO. My brother got his ex to sign a letter stating that the child was 18, out of school, and had recently moved from the home. It took about 7 months to get the payments stopped. During those months, the deducted payments were sent to his ex. He told FRO he was not interested in pursuing her for the overpayment. He knew she had given some of the money to his son to help him out.

The overpayment was about $2,800. He was out that money, but he did not lose his license or his job, he did not lose his home, and he did not hurt his credit rating.