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Default Living a Nightmare

Just wanted to post a little update to all that has happened since Dec3rd. Some here have heard the story

FRO is so's disgusting.
Now for some details on what has pissed me off.

It has been a discouraging couple of weeks. We have been waiting to hear if/when FRO was ever going to rectify anything that they have done. I find it dispicable despite the Court Order and resultant stop Garnishee that He has recieved that they still continue to to deny that this is over. We have tried speaking to them the Justice Dept and others but the bottom line is that FRO still continues to report to Equifax that He owes them arrears. In the judges Reasons for Judgement He clearly states that the support Order expired in 2002 and they had no Jurisdiction to continue.
He has had to file a motion against FRO that they are in contempt of the order and that they are also falsfying documents. Terrible after all they have done that they still continue. I hope that he is sucessful in this motion tomorrow.

I wonder if FRO will ever think that they need to be accountable for thier actions? It is very maddening they they seem to think they are above the law and can go against a court order.
That was posted at another web site yesterday and to clarify....

Dec 3rd my spouse was in Court and finally won. Which means to him is that after 7 years of fighting the Judge finally issues an Order that he is satistified that there are NO arrears owing. ( In his reasons for judgement he clearly states this as of Mar 2002 that they should not have been collecting ANYTHING. They were working off of an expired order. )
But FRO cannot admit this even after being told. They had numerous oportunities to end this nightmare over the past 7 years and chose to keep their head in the sand and destroy a life as well as harm to others associated with the father in this case.

Here it is 60 days after that Judgement. FRO still is continueing to maintain that he has money oweing. They claim that they have no Order stating otherwise, and they are not going to pay the $36,000 in a sopport overpayment.

Hmmmm.... I wonder how this can be? Under the direction of our lawyer we hand delivered those orders to the court to be entered and registered in mid January. But in the mean time the Justice dept has issued a stop garnishee since Dec 12. Everyone else seems to recognize the fact that this is going down as is expected. FRO refuses twice to ammend his record with Equifax. As of Jan 23 they sent a letter to them stating he still owes support. Why this is so urgent to us is that our vehicle is going to be repo'ed any day now, have to pay the rent yet for this month. The most devistating is that several years ago the payor in this had a workplace injury that resulted in his having blood clots in his left leg. Twice he has had a pulmonary embolism travel to his lungs and almost kill him. It threatened to happen again this past Novemer 08. Many will say what about OHIP. Back in 2005 a FRO employee told him that "we dont give a )&$#$ if you die we just want our money" when he requested to keep some money for medical expenses. Well not alot you can do when FRO takes all even the medical card, and you can't work Ont Works wont give you money for the medical stockings that you need and you can't buy your medicine. They have you backed into a corner. Now that you finally are released they wont let you go.

But FRO refuses to accept any responsibility for this situation (you have to sue the recipiant) Maybe so but what about all that THEY have done to him?
You tell me?

Almost a year ago we had a web page up and were forced to take it down.
Under the advice of our lawyer it is back up but this time in the form of a blog. To those who have seen the old one it is similar but we are adding more in the days to come. It does contain all the documentation supporting our position.

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