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Originally Posted by rockscan View Post
Yes you can insist on having it separate. Most of the times the amount is included is when a payor refuses to pay so it is added to ensure payment.

A simple no will suffice. This way if she wants her money, she has to provide a receipt.

As for the tax benefit for child care, do a dummy return and see how much it would be. I am sure it isn�t that much but still it comes off the gross amount which is then split proportionate to income.
Thanks - I will do that.

It's shocking how much of a tax credit ex will get. First off, the amount (up to $5K per child) gets taken off taxable 20% right there. Then the Ontario CARES credit gets factored in, which is approximately 60% OF THE COST. Plus for 2021, Ford has tacked on an addtional 20% increase to the CARES credit.

So the September before school child care cost of $500 gets reduced to about $60 of net cost, of which I pay 72%. Depending on ex's final 2021 taxable income, it could get reduced even further...
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