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Originally Posted by Mustanggirl71 View Post
The issue for me is that he has an electric gate to get in and out of his property that I no longer have the code for. This makes me nervous having to rely on him to let me leave his property.

Also, he is a bully and expects me to bend to his will all of the time. He knew he was having surgery almost a week in advance and he did not make arrangements for the children.

You asked if there would be any negative repercussions... the basic answer is no, not likely, however you should be offering make up time, he has communicated with you to attempt to make a plan to see the children and youíre not willing to bend. Maybe it wonít bite you this time, but it could down the road... your children are young and you guys have years of parenting ahead of you. Things like this are going to come up and who knows, maybe next time it will be you who canít do the driving. Ultimately youíre decision but I feel for the children who wonít see their father and who have parents that canít coparent

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