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tunnelight has a little shameless behaviour in the past

what principal you guys meeting with? your school of choice, moms school of choice, or current school?

what do you mean couldn't see you guys? you and your ex went and he said no? did you send an email to ask you're still not understanding why the meeting couldn't take place and would like to know if it can be rescheduled ?

you really need to be on your A game here making sure everything is in writing. otherwise your ex could just start making up BS to win the motion

lastly, have you contacted the new principal of the school you want the child to go to and explain the situation to see what they would suggest? maybe you can grab a registration form you can email to your ex to sign? if she refuses, then you go to court. But , we need to figure out what principal you are meeting with first and what the outcome will be.

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