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Originally Posted by Tayken View Post
Last time I checked a 10 year old's tablet only weighs around 1.5 pounds. They are easy to move. Phones are 175 grams or something and they can move with great speed.
I think we are getting too amune to abuse. If one of my kids came home or to daycare/school with visible marks on them, it would be addressed. This is child abuse imo.

I have been that parent that has disciplined in frustration/anger and now have better tools to manage, so does my ex.

The problem isnt forcing the child to go by taking away electronics, its trying to help a parent that has resorted to harming a child over some sibling rivalry. Whats next for these kids if their behaviour escalates? Obviously they aren't responding well to the physical abuse.

Its Dad, that needs to take away the electronics if the the children are misbehaving in public, not Mom. What am I missing here in this thread? Because the focus seems how to get to kids to go to Dad's to get pinch and not on a solution for the abuse to stop.

Here's a simply solution that is taught for struggling parents. Give the child(ren) expectations before outtings. This is how we behave, you will get one warning only, then we are packing up and immediately going home to NO electronics and a time out. Sounds to me Dad just needs some better parenting tools and if it takes a call to CAS, to get him some help I'd make that call in a heartbeat.
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