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Good question. My lawyer didn't exactly leap on that task.

I ended up paying a forensic accountant a few grand to go through the books. My Ex was self employed and I was under the impression her income was larger than it turned out to be for many reasons. This impression was furthered because we spent a lot of time and effort and a motion (that we won) getting full disclosure. In the end it turned out my ex made less than i thought and was either stubborn or somehow frozen and unable to disclose. I used the information I gained to reset my perceptions, get a reality check, start trusting and/or understanding my ex more and I settled fast.

So if I count the motion costs, letter, form 20 prep and the forensic accountant I was probably at about 6-7 grand which is nuts considering this is mandated by law. My lawyer spent all the effort getting the docs. He spent very little time interpreting them (wasn't his area of expertise although his "best guess" was just about bang on.

What can you do? It's over now thank God and peace is finally here so I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts.
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