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Thank you for all the kind words of encouragement. It really helps. I am having good days and some bad. I am looking forward to a life on my own but at the same time I have some very big regrets. I feel that 35 years of marriage has been a big mistake and I was stupid to not see it until now. He has never been affectionate with me and never confided in me. I wish I never met him. He doesn’t even contact our children. They are adults, but I think it is even harder on them at this age. We are expecting a new grandchild any day now; he doesn’t seem to care. He is more interested in his “new family” (three little girls).

It went well at the bank. I have my own account and a new credit card on the way. I also learned that it won’t be too hard for me to get a mortgage when the time comes. It will just be stressful finding something suitable. Life goes on ...
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