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Default Not communicating by email

Good morning all,

Things have been fairly quiet for the past few years, theres certainly been some difficulties but nothing worth going back to court for.

Our court order states all communication is to be by email, however all of a sudden she doesnt want to talk on email.

I am trying to increase my access with our son, in line with the reccommendations from a parenting assessment. Ive sent a few emails in which she ignored the question, she finally responded that 'we need to have a discussion first' and then went right back to ignoring all my requests to have that discussion.


I like having things written down because its easy to see who said what and what was agreed to without any of this 'he said, she said' stuff that Im sure sooo many of us are familiar with. The fact that she doesnt want her words written down tells me volumes already.

Has anyone had experience with their coparent where they refused to respond to emails even though its written directly in a court order?
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