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Default How to handle a depressed child

OK this is not the first time and is not going to be the last one either so maybe someone can help me with how to handle this.

At first my wife used to pick up our son from my door. Then suddenly she decided to be afraid of me, obviously to support her claim that I am frustrating the access. Then she started sending a 10 years old kid of my neighbor to pick up my son. I protested that it was not safe and also my lawyer advised me to always ask for an adult for exchange. I wrote to her lawyer about it. Now she comes in front of my drive way and most of the times, I can't see her from inside. I have to go outside to make sure that she is there. Apparently, she has been telling our son to wait for her outside my house until she shows up. Well, I am not going to allow that especially in frigid temps. I told him to tell his mother to knock at the door or call to inform of her arrival. She does not want to do any of that.

Well, today she was late in picking him up. I suppose she had been waiting outside but then went back to my neighbor's house to call my home. She left a message for my son to come to the neighbor's house. I decided to walk him there instead. When he came back two hours later, he told me that mom was very mad at him for not waiting outside. She also told him that she won't be picking him up on Wednesdays because he was not waiting outside. He seemed pretty depressed and sad. I tried to talk to him but he won't open up. He showed no interest in playing or even watching his favourite tv shows. I put him to bed at around 9:30 but he could not sleep. At around 10:00 he came running and lied in my bed. He fell asleep after a few minutes from that time but I totally lost my sleep.

Has anyone been in similar situation? I don't want to remove the Wednesdays access, which is one option. I want to make it work, at least for as long as I have the custody.

Thanks in advance.