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So there is an audit trail of when messages are sent and received?
OFW has a "Message Board" where all emails are stored. An Inbox and Sent folder, among others. When you open the Sent folder, there is a column indicating for every sent message, the date of its' first view by the other party. For any sent message, when you open it, beside the recipient's name is (First read: date). When you print the message, this appears as well.

Do you get an email alert sent to you to log in?
Not by default, but you can go into the settings and easily add it so that you get an email (it is virtually instantaneous) or text, when an action has occurred on OFW. The actions that you can set to receive notice of, are things like new messages, expenses being posted, calendar changes, etc.

Can you log in from your phone easily?
They have apps for iphone and android. I have the iphone app, and it works well for the basic features. If both parties have smartphones, there is no need for texting, etc.
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