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I'm on the fence about this...

Mom says she doesn't check her emails frequently. Which of course is nonsense. She is on her phone constantly she just picks and chooses what she responds to.

She does bait us into lengthy conversations via email. We use the "reasonable test". Meaning, we give info per what a reasonable person would want to know. Often times, she goes overboard wanting to know every stop/place we will visit while on vacation, our complete itinerary to every sight we will visit, etc. for instance. Even sometimes down to the sleeping arrangements, which is ridiculous to say the least. These communications we just ignore. She also asks for the same info over and over and over again.

We also need to justify everything. Recently we asked for her group health coverage info for kids. It was refused unless we justified why we need it. There is only one reason we'd need it: for the kids health benefits! lol

Ah, nothing is easy these days. Nothing. And everything.

I think she just needs a hobby. A hobby different than emailing dad every five minutes about something she already has the info on. And to not expect us to be accountable to her for our every move when the children are with us. It is incredible the sense of entitlement some parents have and for no just reason.
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