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I have to wonder about family wizard. How does it change things between the parties? I've looked at the online information and I've also had private PMs with others who are dealing with such HCPs (as are we) that the other person refuses to give their user name after signing up. Honestly, I think that would happen with us, the other party is waaaaaaaay to HCP.

We get email after email, after email, after email about some things and then absolutely nothing on other things despite many requests. The problem with the emails we do get, they are hard to understand and change so many times over that it is hard to figure out what is being said and what was agreed to. Of course, the emails we don't get anything back about are normally when she finds herself in a corner and can't talk herself out of it, or she needs to provide us something (like her input on something, or her benefit information or signing a letter to travel, etc.). I can't see how using OFW would change things personally. I think what actually needs to happen is that SHE needs to change lol.
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