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Default "Forced" Family Wizard (or equivalent)

Can you "force" someone to use a service such as Family Wizard with some expectation for success? My ex does not communicate.

Relying on email to communicate was a very easy choice for me. I started doing this years ago. My ex stopped phoning me after I got a telephone conversation recorder. I purchased this to document and protect myself after my ex, his gf at the time, and her family would verbally threaten me. Text messages are rare and when they occur, are appropriate (sent on the road during travel for access).

I've asked ex about subscribing to a communication software system via email and through lawyers when negotiating our divorce. Only once did ex respond by saying it was not possible because he does not have internet access at home.

No one seemed to agree with my thoughts that free internet is readily available in the community and my communication was already email based. I never bothered to mention that ex is a frequent Facebook user (he uses it to communicate with our oldest kid).

It would be nice to have a reliable communication tool to use when there is some child-related information to share or disclosure to give.
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