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The amount agreed upon was all my ex `said`` they could afford at the time. i know if the roles were reversed, when I got back on my feet, I would pay the retro. All I know is that it`s money owing to the CHILD (and it just happens to be the parent that manages it). So, I would have to think shame shame shame on the parent that essentially `cheats`` their own children. When a child is born, both parents have a financial obligation to this child. Sure, circumstances can factor into it, but my ex`s income is 150k, and if they have a huge house, cars, toys 9boat and a few other things), and are at their debt load for various loans and lines of credits and payments, how is that my fault when I attempted to let them lower their cs payment temporarily until they get back on their feet and sell some of their assets. 2 years later, the assets are all still for that tells me that the price is too high and that they are not interested in selling or changing anything, right.
I am not a money grabbing person, I just have a friend who is struggling to have her older son in University in the USA (a specific program only offered at one university there an none in Canada). She didn`t put enough money away for education, and now she has thwo jobs and her 75 year old parents just put a mortgage on their home (which was fully paid).
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