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Agreement doesn`t state anything about exchanges of info (financial).
No correspondence, but a few email about my ex`s financial distress.
Every time I brought it up in writing, the ex never responded in written form. Always a verbal sob story about undue hardship and `` don`t have two pennies to my name.`` That, and my ex`s temper regarding money borders on ridiculous.

But, to answer my question, 2 years of no CS - it`s money the ex owes to my child and not to me. I`m certain I would direct a big chunk of that towards my child`s RESP. (I do make regular small contributions and have done so since my child`s birth, but my ex has not. Actually, about 500 the first year, and then never again after that. My ex`s reason: No money. But the ex has money to have more shoes than I do, a big watch collection, lawn cutting service in the summer and snow blowing service in the winter. (I do it all myself to save $$$). Money seems to appear for my ex when they want to go on a trip (personal) or need to get new winter boots.
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