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We are going through the respective societies, but my opinion is, if they broke the law rather than just acting unethically, I want them charged. I'm prepared to spend some time on this and to make a noise about it. I know that this has happened to others, but I want someone with the authority to charge them to explain why they don't do this, and then I'll see if the media are interested. I might be wasting my time, but considering the slow pace of the system, time is available. It isn't just about making organizational changes or combining divorce & family courts, it's about oversight, follow-up, and clear rules with consequences for breaking them. That would streamline the process and help everyone, except perhaps the lawyers. I'm not under the illusion that I'm going to change the system, but I want to at least make some noise and affect those who did wrong so that at least they might not do the same thing again.